The making of our TV adverts.

It was an unpredictable August day with the sky not quite sure wether to deliver us rain or strong sunshine. I arrived at the set in North London at about 9:30AM to discover the full team in action filming Max Beesley, our lead actor. Felix and I were given headphones to listen in directly to what Jeff (our director) and Max were saying. Our job was to look out for anything being said or filmed that was not quite in keeping with our brand…my first issue was a bus passing past with one of our competitors logos whilst in camera shot!!

Just before lunch, the heavens opened and we all got thoroughly soaked but Jeff, the crew and Max bravely pressed on. The team quickly sprang into action and erected a gazebo for us and the crew to stand under and even a few directors chairs appeared.

Max was in good form and at one stage I met and chatted to his father (also called Max) who proudly told me all about the musical side of the Beesley family. At lunchtime I had a good chat and a laugh with younger Max which was great fun, what a nice chap.

Post production formed an important part of the creation of the advert and we were all really pleased with the result. I was on holiday in Mauritius at the time so was getting a stream of .mov files sent over to approve or comment on which I could play on the iPhone.

Next month (October) we are running the famous ads again (possibly for the last time) while we work on new creative for the next TV campaign in January.