Lion Kill at Kapani


We are often asked how close guests can get to an actual “Lion Kill” whilst staying on Safari at one of our camps in the Luangwa Valley, Zambia but last weeks activities really do take the biscuit. Our team awoke to find a Lion kill right outside our flagship lodge, Kapani, where they had taken down a Giraffe of all creatures. Yes, sadly even Giraffes with their supreme height cannot escape the hunting prowess of a fully functional Lion pride at its peak. After attaching themselves using their mighty claws, the Lions generally climb high up on the Giraffes back to overwhelm it with sheer weight. As soon as the Giraffe tires, they find it difficult to overcome the strength of the working team of cats.

The staff were awoken in the early hours to find a huge Giraffe lying on the road just 30 metres outside our front gate. The Lions had eaten the tongue and organs and came back the next day to finish off the carcass (after our guys had dragged it off the road and into the bushes to clear the way). It was amusing to hear that the pride had even lounged around the swimming pool that night! 

Zambia is always full of surprises and to experience something as extreme as this in camp must have been quite a surprise for the guests we had that night. I partly grew up in Zambia and have so many similar stories but I think this one would be pretty much right up there.