Bill Oddie at Norman Carr Safaris, Kapani Lodge


News from Christina at camp

This week we had the great pleasure of hosting one of my all time heroes ??? Bill Oddie. A hugely influential comedian turned naturalist, few people have given so many generations such laughs but also such inspiration to turn eyes away from the TV and take a look outside at the wonders of the natural world.
Bill was with Simon Barnes and the World Land Trust at Kapani. Simon is a long time friend of NCS having spent time at the bushcamps many years ago writing his novel Rogue Lion Safaris. He visits almost every year and we keep him regularly updated with wildlife news from the Luangwa which he often uses in his articles. They are both part of a great organisation called the World Land Trust which is looking at some projects in Zambia and chose NCS and Kapani for the safari portion of their trip. Have a look at for info about this excellent organisation and also at Gemfields ??? an ethical gemstone mining company with whom WLT is working, who have an emerald mine in northern Zambia – their website is –
Have a great week!