Keeping it within the family

I’ve been part of creating a lot websites in my time but they have all tended to be part of bigger corporate organisations I helped to create. Since owning a Villa in Orlando, in 2009, my wife and I have had to learn the ropes in the villa rental industry and this has led to a new website in my life which is the first one I’ve created that we could potentially pass down to my sons and daughter when we go. Villa rentals is an age old industry but with the internet to support, the possibilities are endless. We’ve chosen … Continue reading Keeping it within the family

Life on set with TopRecruiter series 5

Amy, Bert, Mike, Rachel, myself, Hannah & Iain on location in Greenwich The countdown was on for the 20th July and as it approached, I cast my mind back to Top Recruiter 2 in 2013 and remembered what a great day I had spent with the cast and crew filming two episodes as a judge. This time it was TopRecruiter 5, a competition between North America and Europe to find the recruiter with the best idea to help the business side of the talent industry. My role was to be a “Global Counsellor”, offering business advice and mentorship for each … Continue reading Life on set with TopRecruiter series 5

The Evolution Of Job Boards: What’s Next?

The job board industry has been through a whirlwind these last years. Some businesses have evolved and thrived, others have withered and are now a shadow of their former selves. When you step back and think of the huge transformation we’ve seen in our industry, it’s little wonder some businesses have struggled to adapt. A short potted history may help us to appreciate what’s happened – and to determine the strategic next steps that’ll position a job board for continued success… Job Board Evolution Phase 1 – Recruitment Agency Focused The early years of job boards were all about serving … Continue reading The Evolution Of Job Boards: What’s Next?

Understanding your KPI’s

A few weeks after Manpower became a minority shareholder in in 2000, they provided us with golddust: We ran a project to look at vacancy views, applications and placements. Manpower posted exactly the same jobs on all the major job boards in the UK and recorded every step of the funnel, from views, to applications, to placements. One of our major competitors at the time beat us (and all the other job boards) in the number of views and applications delivered but what was interesting was that our site totally outperformed the others on the number of placements made. … Continue reading Understanding your KPI’s

Understanding the world you operate in

  Last week I wrote about the importance of understanding your position in the recruitment value chain; as important is today’s topic “understanding the market you operate in”. The external environment is the biggest factor in defining your business success. At Jobsite and now at Talenetic I always tell my people: “You can have the best surfboard in the world, but if there are no waves, you won’t go anywhere.” Because of this enormous impact on a business’ performance, it always surprises me when companies are only internally focussed. They know every conversion rate on their website, have highly tuned … Continue reading Understanding the world you operate in

Understanding your role in the recruitment value chain

Whatever I do, I always like to remind myself of the fundamentals. That is my way of making sure that I focus on the most important items and it really served me well when running Jobsite and developing it from a tiny startup to a world beating force. The first thing everybody needs to understand are the drivers of recruitment and how they apply to both job seekers and recruiters. A job board (and it is the same for aggregators and CV sources) is a two-sided market place and they only thrive when there are benefits for everybody involved (more … Continue reading Understanding your role in the recruitment value chain